Jan 15, 2020 · In the long irons, the faces are designed for launch and speed, while in the mid-irons the faces are engineered for speed and spin consistency. Lastly, in the short irons, the faces are optimised for spin and precision to promote pinpoint shot-making. One women’s MAVRIK Irons model is available, MAX-W.

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Sep 03, 2020 · This is my review of the TaylorMade M4 iron, a gold-medal winner on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. The M4 is the sister iron to the M3. It features RibCOR technology for increased ball speed, as well as a larger head, thinner face, and enhanced forgiveness for higher handicaps. So, how does the M4 iron perform at the end of the day? How does it compare to the M2 and M3 models? Is it worth ... Cool Clubs has invested in the most current and complete technology at every step in the club-fitting and club-building process. Cool Clubs builds all clubs in-house in a state-of-the-art facility. This allows us to provide golf clubs built with the care and quality, ensuring players realize the benefits predicted by our fittings. The program will plot the flight of the ball in real time after the user's input of the initial launch conditions of the golf ball. Based on scientific algorithms, FlightScope's Trajectory Optimizer will help you find your optimal ball flight trajectory to add distance to your golf shots.Simply put, the launch angle (LA) is the angle at which the ball sets flight in relation to the ground or level surface. It is NOT simply the loft angle stamped on the bottom of your clubface! While loft has the biggest impact on LA, Angle of Attack (AoA), the shaft and head design and weighting are also determinants in LA.The new Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shaft is designed as a lightweight alternative to the #1 wedge shaft in the history of the game. Dynamic Gold 115 is a mid-low launch and spin wedge shaft that is optimal for golfers who play iron shafts weighing 105g or less. Learn More

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Nov 06, 2017 · Yes, especially in the middle irons? On the 50 yard shots the TP5/X balls had a significantly lower spin rate Is ball speed higher with the TP5/X In the case of the X yes, but not by much. Conclusion The TP5/X are interesting balls; they actually appear to be doing something differently. They launch higher, spin less and travel slightly further ... PW - '08 - Ap2 Proj X 6.5 club speed (98.6) ball speed (121.3) smash factor (1.23) launch angle (19.7) back spin (9300) peak height (36yrds) landing angle (51) carry (158) These were all taken at a golf shop whose monitor does not do club head tracking, so ball speed/spin/angles should be good, but head speed is just based off of smash factor. Customize ball flight with Snake Eyes Viper XT adjustable weighting technology. This driver head has a drafted stepped sole design and features a single weight that shifts weight low and rearward â the one-two punch for optimal launch and more distance. Just install heavier screws to increase launch angle without increasing spin rate.
The compact head, face shape, and leading edge architecture result in a classic, square look. On the sole, in the center back and center front, are two locations for the interchangeable weights (14g and 2g) These can be changed to adjust launch angle and spin rate. The Mavrik Sub Zero is available in a 3+,3,4, and 5 wood. Nov 10, 2010 · My launch angle with 7 iron on seemed awfully low (16*) with 4800 spin. This was indoors and I hate hitting into a screen (we went outside and hit on the range later). I do strike down and de-loft a lot.